In the bustling atmosphere of Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10, CENTRAL held a ceremony to thank and honor all of the Company’s female employees. The program took place in an intimate and joyful atmosphere with best wishes and meaningful gifts.

Representative of Central’s female employees, Ms. Mai Thi Kim Dung – Director of Internal Affairs – Finance and Accounting received a bouquet of flowers from Mr. Mai Chanh Thanh – Executive Director
Central’s female employees on Vietnamese Women’s Day

Women are the flower of Heaven, the Earth, and the Human. Life is a series of stories about the journey of love. Therefore, respect and care for women are always the responsibility that the Central Board of Directors is willing to show on special occasions.

Attending the ceremony, Mr. Mai Chanh Thanh – Executive Director sends best wishes to the Central’s female employees: “On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, I would like to wish you always beautiful and young. May all of you always be happy, smile more, and be happy in your life.”

Mr. Mai Chanh Thanh – Executive Director sends greetings and gifts to Central’s female employees

Opening the party, there is the “Lightning Quiz”, bringing a fun and exciting atmosphere. All of Central’s female employees actively participate and give the right answers to win attractive gifts.

Central’s female employees participate in the game and receive prizes

Especially, on the occasion of 20/10 this year, the Organizing Committee holds the Paper Rose Workshop. Each female employee will follow the guidance of the teacher, making beautiful paper roses on their own with the message: “Women can actively and bravely create their own happiness!”

Paper Rose Workshop brings new experience to Central’s female employees

At the end of the program, everyone owns a radiant bouquet of flowers created by themselves. We hope that the gifts and wishes will be the motivation for them to always strive and be more confident every day.

We wish you all good health and happiness on Vietnamese Women’s Day./.

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