HR Policies

The human resource policy is established in order to create human resources become a competitive advantage. It is the synchronism from recruitment policies, training – development, salary – bonus payment – welfare, compensation policy, work environment and business cultural development to keep potential employees, attract talented people and support company staffs to have the best working place, have chances to develop their own working experienced professionally and become fond of the Company for a long time.

Policies of salary,
bonus payment, welfare

At CENTRAL, employees are received polices of competitive compensation based on clear regulations. Benefits depend on qualifications, the professional capacity, working roles, the working responsibilities, the volume of actual work as well as the work effectiveness.

Besides periodical assessments of commending and rewarding employees, the Company also develops and carries out the compensation rules on time effectively. Working groups and individuals, who achieve periodical or unexpected excellent rewards, will be recognized and rewarded worthily, fairly and publicly.

Corporate Culture

Truthful people are the best/ the most invaluable property.

CENTRAL is a young team who dream to conquer challenges and objectives by implementing careful plans and preparation in order to understand and master science – technique fields, create working values and bring good meanings for life. The most valuable of life is to work, dedicate and share your development goals at CENTRAL.

CENTRAL committees to create a harmonic working place for community. With a professional, active, creative and united working environment, CENTRAL focuses on developing individuals’ potential ability in the best way, creating opportunities for everyone to get promotions, hoping them become fond of the company in the long term and bringing a better life both in material and spiritual for themselves and families.

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