Career Development

Career Development

We employ people and must be sure that working tasks are appropriate with employees; therefore, we promote the best development for each individual. Hence, internal training is a mandatory process not only for new comers but also every staff. During working process, everyone has chance to cultivate their specializations with experienced experts or to be funded full scholarships for related courses.


Human resources development is the decisional condition that one business could be existed and developed in the current market economy. Human resources development help labors confident, create them comfortable, willing to become fond of the Company, willing to serve for the Company, and consider the company development to be their own development.
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Training help trained staffs could not only apply knowledge in reality effectively, but also determine their development itinerary which is appropriate with development objectives of the Company.
Annually, CENTRAL establishes training schedules based on the training demands of each division. The Company always prioritizes human resources for policies of training and staff development, to develop inherited employees in the future.
Each working position and office based on different functions, specialties have different training standards and implemented in accordance with the training progress of the Company.
All staffs after signing labor time-limit contracts will be attended short-term, medium-term training courses based on the annual training schedule or unforeseen courses in accordance with indispensable requirements of each division.