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Human Resources Development

While employing people, we must sure that the people fit the tasks, thereby promoting the best development for each individual. Therefore, internal training is a mandatory process not only for new comers but also for every staff. During working, everyone has chance to cultivate their specializations with the aid of hired experts or to receive full scholarships for other courses.


Human resources development is the decisive condition for a business to survive and thrive in the current market economy. Human resources development helps bolstering the labors' confidence, peace of mind in work and, willingness to belong and dedicate their best to the Company; so that they would consider the Company's development to be their own evolution.
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Training helps trained staffs not only to apply knowledge in reality effectively, but also to outline their development path in line with the Company's development objectives.
Training help trained staffs could not only to apply effectively in reality , but also to determine their development itinerary which is appropriate with development objectives of the Company.
CENTRAL has built a fair and objective job evaluation system in order to create maximum conditions for improving labor performance and development for individuals who are planned to be Middle Manager; Succession leadership. Thereby, in order to create conditions for all employees to have equal opportunities for advancement at the Company.
After signing the definite labor contracts, all employees will take part in short-term, medium-term training courses, depending on the annual or unexpected training plans as urgently required by each division.