To hand over the apartments in Phase 1 in Jun 2024, from March 15th  to 31st 2024, the Central’s PMB in collaboration with Van Xuan Group and Happy One Central’s PMB has checked the entire fire protection system in addition to the completion work being promoted.

Currently, the project is in the final stages of completion with the number of nearly 1,000 specialists, supervisors, technicians and workers implementing the finishing works, including the fire protection system. Central in coordination with the Investor and related units also conducts a comprehensive inspection of the entire fire protection system, preparing for acceptance work with State agencies.

Happy One Central is more than 146m high in Thu Dau Mot center.

The system to be inspected includes: fire pump, detector, nozzle, generator, pressure smoke extraction system, radio speakers, incident lighting and emergency escape, elevator … At the same time, related activities are also promoted by the PMB according to the criteria of fire safety work at the high-rise apartment project. “In addition to ensuring the criteria of fire prevention, warning and on-site situation handling, with the equipment invested by Van Xuan Group, the sprinkler system at Happy One Central can also be used to fight fires for neighboring residents in case of risks.”  A representative of the PMB said.

Happy One Central is a key project in Binh Duong market implemented by General Contractor Central, invested by Van Xuan Group with the progress maintained as planned. The project has the companionship of many large units such as the supervision consulting unit Artelia… At the end of March, the barrier gate in front of the project was removed. The podium has been finished with the facade stone work. The façade landscaping is being implemented.

The aerial glass bridge connects the two apartment buildings

In order to ensure the handover progress, Central’s PMB continues to mobilize forces as well as increase the number of labor hours as committed to the Investor.

Happy One Central is located in the center of Thu Dau Mot, easily connected to the external utility system. The interior also owns many facilities such as overflow pool, library, 3D golf room, gym, yoga area or multi-purpose entertainment rooms, food court, meditation garden … The symbol of the project is the 145.9 m high glass bridge, making “the record for the highest aerial glass bridge in Vietnam connecting the two tops of apartment towers”.

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