After more than 30 months of construction by closely following the progress in each phase, PMB of CENTRAL at Masteri Centre Point in Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City has accelerated to complete the process of handing over to Masterise Homes Investor.

Actual images of the 05 towers at Masteri Centre Point

Up to now, the works of painting, tiling, and painting walls, also the installation of technical systems of 05 towers have been completed. In particular, the furniture installed inside the apartments comes from the world’s leading brands such as Hafele, Kohler, and Gessi …

Apartment corridor with a width of 1.8m, a luxurious design, creating a feeling of comfort
The interiors of the apartments

In April 2023, 154 apartments have been completed to be ready for the handover with an average number of 20 to 40 apartments divided equally among 05 towers. Continually in May with 568 units and the total number of units handed over is expected to reach 1,500 by the end of June this year.

Known as one of the prestigious construction companies in the market and proud to be one of the leading general contractors & MEP in Vietnam, all apartment products deployed by CENTRAL undergo a quality control process to commit to bringing the Developer the most superior and classy products.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Toan – Site Manager of Masteri Centre Point shared: “Witnessing the towers are rising high day by day, the apartments have gradually been completed and handed over to the Investor, I deeply appreciate the efforts of the PMB & partners during the construction process. Today’s result is good coordination and a spirit of high concentration at work. And that is also the motivation for the team to strive together to complete the next quality products.”

Masteri Centre Point is a combination of the most luxurious compound apartments located in the center of Vinhomes Grand Park. CENTRAL is honored to be trusted and selected by the Investor as the General Contractor for constructing 05 towers located in the B6 zone of Masteri Centre Point with more than 3,000 apartments.

Some pictures of the preparation for handing over 1,500 apartments:

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