On the evening of February 23rd, 2024, the Holistic Excellence Ceremony for the most favorite employers of 2023 – Employer of Choice 2023 was held. At the ceremony, Central Construction Joint Stock Company was honored:

  • 3rd place in Top Construction – Building Materials
  • 27th place in the Top 50 Most Favourite Employers 2023 – Medium-sized Enterprises.

The event was organized by CareerViet Solutions Joint Stock Company (CareerBuilder Vietnam) – the largest employment and recruitment network in Vietnam in collaboration with the market research company Amco Vietnam and the participation of more than 310 businesses. In more than a month, the survey has attracted more than 62,000 respondents nationwide of different ages and industries, of which nearly 40,000 respondents have completed the survey and voted for themselves the Most Favorite Employer in 2023.

Central representative received the Top 50 Most Favourite Employers 2023 – Medium-sized Enterprises. (Photo: Internet source)

In addition to the consistent efforts to maintain the brand and achieve impressive revenue each year, Central’s Board of Directors always puts full attention on creating a stable & happy working environment for the team.

At present, Central’s personnel, consisting of 900 employees, are carefully selected engineers and architects from prestigious universities with rich experience, expertise, and enthusiasm. Central always focuses on efforts in team development, with various training programs at different levels actively promoted to help employees change their mindset & perception to develop themselves. Therefore, “Human Resources are the core value of the business” is the guideline for the company’s sustainable development journey.

The Employer of Choice 2023 is conducted in addition to analyzing and giving objective assessments of factors affecting job seekers, employees or benefits that employees are interested in. It is also an important reference source in the field of human resource management for businesses in Vietnam. In particular, this year the award officially marks the 10-year milestone for the 2023 Favorite Employer Voting Program.

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