After 4 months of reviewing the OGSM 2021’s result and setting a new goal for the OGSM 2022, on the morning of April 29th, 2022 at the company’s building, CENTRAL held the OGSM 2022 Signing Ceremony between CEO Tran Quang Tuan and the Board of Directors, Senior Managers of the Company.

Board of Directors signing OGSM 2022

The annual OGSM Signing Ceremony is a big and important event and it is the most obvious evidence of CENTRAL’s new growth in the 5th year. At this time, all company’s commitments and strategic plans are witnessed by all employees to strengthen their ability, leadership, and determination to complete the set goals.

Sharing at the ceremony, CEO Tran Quang Tuan said: “CENTRAL has more than 1,200 employees and this man force will meet the requirements of human resources in recent and new projects. This is also a chance for us to gather together and review the past year as well as plan for 2022. We must keep the faith to persevere in our work and face challenges in the future.”

At the closing, the CEO and the Board of Directors, and Senior Managers of the Company shared about implementing those plans in 2022 and how to strengthen the leadership.

Board of Directors take a photo of OGSM Signing Ceremony 2022

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