The challenges during the construction of Etown 6 Building, the first Grade A+ office in Ho Chi Minh City with a unique architectural design according to LEED Platinum green standards (USA), further have affirmed the capacity of Central General Contractor in the high-quality office building segment in Vietnam.

Etown 6 located at 364 Cong Hoa Street (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) is the newest and most modern office building in the chain of ‘Etown’ office buildings invested by REE Corp. Central Construction Joint Stock Company is the General Contractor to build the following items:  basement, body structure, landscape infrastructure, internal roads and finishing works. The project has a depth equivalent to 7 standard basements of a typical office building and 16 floors with a CFA of nearly 80,000 m2.

Perspective of Etown 6 – Grade A + office building with LEED Platinum certificate constructed by Central. Photo: REE Corp.

Etown 6 is also a rare project that holds many records in Central’s construction that other contractors have not had the opportunity to achieve. This is a commercial residential project with a basement depth of up to 27.1m and is the office building with the deepest basement in Vietnam today. The height of each basement is raised to create ventilation, save energy when operating, but also the problem of “exceeding normal standards” that Central staff must implement, from this special adjustment.

In addition, the capping beam system is up to 3.5 meters high, serving as a transfer beam carrying the load of the entire perimeter column system; or a complex post-tensioned floor system with cable lengths extending over 90m is another record in the construction of the project. However, with experience in the construction of many high-rise projects, especially the construction of deep basements with large-sized shifting beams, and special floor beams, along with the standard, methodical planning process and the smooth coordination of the parties, up to now, Central General Construction Contractor has completed all special structural construction items of the project, thereby affirming its outstanding construction quality and capacity.

The highlight of the building – A double-height floor area of 30m is the challenge that Central successfully conquered. Photo: REE Corp.

A double-height floor area of 30m with inclined columns at 70 degrees and a pond at level 8. The construction of the double-height floor structure and inclined columns posed a significant challenge for Central. in calculating technical measures for convenience, safety and quality assurance.

“With more than 1 million hours of safe construction, the Etown 6 project is in the process of reaching the finish line to put into operation from Q1/2024 on schedule. Along with the methodical investment in measures, technology and the consensus of a team of skilled and experienced engineers and architects from the challenges of “overcoming difficulties”, Central confidently affirms its construction capacity through outstanding works in design, especially in construction,  in the journey of creating sustainable buildings.” – according to the representative of the Central General Construction Contractor Management Board shared.

Central representative also said that this is the second project this enterprise has cooperated with REE Corp. Previously, Etown 5 office building finished as committed with outstanding construction quality in 2019, creating high trust of the investor for Central in this next project.

Central’s construction records: tunnel depth 27.1m; 3.5m high capping beam; 30m high atrium area with 70-degree oblique column system and dragon cooperation on the 8th floor; Complex prestressed floor with cable length up to more than 90m. Photo: Central.

According to the recent announcement of the Investor, Etown 6 building has simultaneously achieved 3 green building certificates according to international standards: “LEED Platinum” from the US Green Building Council; “EDGE” from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank, aims to ensure design optimization to minimize energy consumption during operation, and “Fitwel, Healthy Building” according to standards created by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Services Administration U.S. Synthesis.

In particular, LEED is a comprehensive green building certification system, widely recognized worldwide and a “brand” standard for office real estate. Not only evaluating green and environmentally friendly spaces, LEED’s criteria system also considers surrounding traffic utilities, resource and energy efficiency, or environmental air quality inside the building. Based on those criteria, each project will be scored and considered according to 4 levels, the most rigorous is LEED Platinum.

Conquering difficult projects, especially high-quality “green buildings”, Central General Construction has made a bold mark on the Vietnamese construction market, not only in the segment of high-quality office buildings, but also in the field of commercial civil construction,  industry and infrastructure. Affirming the capacity through works, the Central brand is a guarantee of sustainable construction works at the same time, with progress along with outstanding quality.


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