Aiming to enhance effective communication and form the company’s culture, on August 24th, 2022, CENTRAL cooperated with PACE to hold the HORENSO Training Course.

Attending the class, there are senior managers from Departments/Projects.

HORENSO stands for:

  • “Hokoku” is to report;
  • “Renraku” is to inform and notify of facts;
  • “Sodan” is to consult or discuss..

There is not only an internal communication method for teamwork but also an imprint of Japanese culture. Now, it has been used in many businesses all over the world.

The training course focuses on 2 main parts: the value and the role of Horenso; the application of Horenso in work relations and practices.

In addition to the basic knowledge, throughout the training program, exercises in group activities help students gain the necessary thinking and awareness to be able to understand the principles, processes, tools, and methods to do well in the actual work that the trainees are in charge of.

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