CELEBRATING 5 YEARS ANNIVERSARY 23.06.2017 – 23.06.2022

On June 23rd, 2022, CENTRAL celebrated 5 Years Anniversary 23.06.2017 – 23.06.2022 at the Office Building.

The warm and cozy party had the presence of BOD, honored guests, and all employees gathering on the Ground Floor of the Office Building and via online meeting.

BOD & honored guests do the cake cutting ritual

5 years is not a long journey for a corporate but 5 Years Anniversary of CENTRAL is a milestone to witness the company’s development and become the leading contractor. This is the fruitage made from constant effort and contribution of all employees.

CEO Tran Quang Tuan shared the feeling in the mood of the party

Watching the video of 5 Years Anniversary, CEO Tran Quang Tuan shared: “Up to now, CENTRAL has nearly 1,300 employees, and this is the most value asset of the company. On this special day, we have achieved a new milestone when announcing the Fairmont first 6-star hotel in Hanoi along with major projects. After experiencing 5 years of establishment and development, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and a wish of good health to all the people of CENTRAL. I strongly believe that in the future, CENTRAL is still the leading contractor with sustainable development and a bright future.”

In the mood of the party, Mr. Tran Quang Huy – Structural Executive (D&B Center) composed a poem marking the milestone of contributing to CENTRAL:

 “Hôm nay sinh nhật CENTRAL

23 tháng 6 vừa tròn 5 năm

Bao nhiêu chiến tích tiếng tăm

Từ bao công sức âm thầm chúng ta

Bao ngày xa vợ nhớ nhà

Bao ngày con chỉ thấy ba qua hình

Hạnh phúc là một hành trình

5 năm nhìn lại lòng càng quyết tâm

Nguyện xin đem sức cùng tâm

Cùng CENTRAL quyết nâng tầm Việt Nam

Công trình từ Bắc chí Nam

Dựng xây đất nước làm giàu non sông”

Let’s celebrate 5 Years Anniversary of CENTRAL and look at all the pictures capturing this moment:

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