VAP - Aquarium Phu Quoc




Bai Dai, Ganh Dau, Huyen Phu Quoc

Scope of work

Main Contractor
The largest VAP Aquarium in Southeast Asia


From 18/09/2019 to 02/02/2021

VAP – Aquarium Phu Quoc

VAP – Aquarium Phu Quoc is super large and the most modern in Southeast Asia with a space of 15,000m2 – is home to 300 species with nearly 255 thousand individuals arranged and divided into 3 areas: Tropical rainforest (fresh water), Cave (reptile), and Ocean (salt water).

At the entrance to the VAP – Aquarium Phu Quoc is the main tank with a capacity of 15,500 m³ of water, which will be in the top 5 largest tanks in the world with giant glass panels of up to 8 meter x 25 meter. It is divided into 5 different subdivisions: jellyfish world, fish world, penguin world, ferocious shark world and giant species world.

Project overview image

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